Passionate about your story.
Because it matters.


What we do

Make it visible

The people we work with have stories worth telling and our mission is to make these stories worth watching.

We help organizations, universities, research institutes as well as conferences to convey their message. Through web clips, videos & social media we explain your projects, and document your events to an internal or external audience.

How We Do It

Make it real

Video production is a journey. A piece of content has a past, a present and eventually a future and this is how we approach it.

Content strategy

Transforming the vision into a plan

At the very beginning of each collaboration we want to get to know who you are, where are you from, what you want, why you want it and what you want out of it. Together we will decide what kind of media strategy you need. We will suggest the best solution in order to optimise the results in terms of quality and costs with the messaging, targeting, production and distribution in mind.

Video Production

More than pressing the record button

We take care of the preproduction (script, location), production (filming) and postproduction. You will have the opportunity to see what we have in mind at the beginning and to review before we declare a video a final cut.

Content Distribution

Is a story a story if nobody listens?

Distribution is an important part of our contribution to your goal to reach an audience. We prepare the content for the different platforms you are using and – if you chose to – spread your content further via our own platforms.

Who We Are

Make it together

We are a core of story strategists based in Sweden working with a network of specialists from all over the world.
We are born story listeners and professional storytellers.

We have a long experience in making video, producing documentaries, news and tv. We like to work with people from all over the world and from different fields, and we work with people who look for purpose and value sustainability, kindness and trust.

See Our Work

Make it relevant

We create videos for the mind and the soul.
We approach each piece of content from a holistic perspective. The specific topic. The specific audience. The specific purpose. We like the details. But fall in love with the whole picture. We know the rules. We like to break them. And we do it with and for passion.

We produce documentaries, interviews, animation, video explainers, short videos for social media, TV.


Make it happen

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